Fellowship Category: Physics

Oct 03
Pikovsky Valazzi Scholarship

This scholarship will be offered for research in the fields of applied electronics,…

Feb 14
Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship

Attention, researchers from Germany! The Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship supports you…

Feb 14
Minerva Fellowship

The Minerva Fellowship Programme (funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education…

Sep 28
Kreitman Postdoctoral Fellowships

The programs goal is to enable postdoctoral specialization for those having received a…

Sep 28
Fellowship by the Swiss Friends of WIS

Each year, the Swiss Association of Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science…

Sep 28
Armando and Maria Jinich Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Armando and Maria Jinich Fellowship was established by Armando Jinich of Mexico, a…

Sep 28
The Martin Kushner Schnur Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Martin Kushner Schnur Postdoctoral Fellowship was established by Martin Kushner…

Sep 28
The Paulo Pinheiro de Andrade Fellowship

The Paulo Pinheiro de Andrade Fellowship was established by Marcos Pinheiro de Andrade…

Sep 28
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tel Aviv University

The aim of the fellowship is to advance the fellow and to train them as a researcher,…

Sep 28
Technion Scholarships for Postdoctorates and Academic Guests

The Technion offers its program of inviting academic visitors and postdoctoral…

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