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Accordion Content, Facebook Marketplace and דירות להשכרה לסטודנטים are good places to start when looking for a rental apartment if you are conducting your postdoc at the University of Haifa or Technion–Israel Institute of Technology. In addition, there are local Haifa Facebook groups that can be helpful in finding an apartment, such as:

General Haifa Groups 

Haifa Real Estate Groups

Neighbourhood Groups

The University of Haifa website has a list of recommended off-campus, long-term and short-term options. These options are somewhat less popular but still useful.

Long-Term Apartments

Short-Term Rentals

For those planning on researching at the Technion, the off-campus housing contact is Ms. Lea Sarsour at

Although it’s common to rent without using a realtor, it may be a convenient option. In Israel, both sides of the transaction (buyers and sellers or renters and landlords) will be expected to pay the realtor’s commission fees. For rental contracts of a year or more, the fee is the equivalent of one month’s rent plus VAT. For shorter rentals, it is usually 10 per cent of the total rental cost, plus 17 per cent tax. 

Below is a list of English-speaking realtors based in Haifa:

For more information regarding renting an apartment in Israel, see our general housing page

Neve Shaanan

Neve Shaanan is the closest neighbourhood to both the University of Haifa and the Technion. One of Haifa’s oldest neighbourhoods, it is actually a collection of smaller neighbourhoods (some of which are mentioned below) and is sometimes called the Neve Shaanan Quarter. In general, it is a middle- to upper-class neighbourhood that is home to both families and students. It has ample public transportation and is conveniently located right next to Haifa’s Grand Canyon mall. Rent is about NIS 2,500 for a one-bedroom apartment, NIS 3,000–3,500 for a two-bedroom apartment, and NIS 3,500–4,000 for a three-bedroom apartment.

Ramot Remez

Ramot Remez is one of the many small Neve Shaanan neighbourhoods. It is located at the southern end of Neve Shaanan, just north of the Technion. Because of its proximity to both the Technion and the University of Haifa, it is known mostly as a student neighbourhood. Even so, it is quiet, and known more for its beautiful surroundings than its bars. See above for rental prices.

Ramat Alon

Also part of Neve Shaanan, Ramot Alon is adjacent to the east side of the Technion’s campus. It was built in the 1980s to house army personnel, but by now the neighbourhood’s population is students and young families. It is a very friendly neighbourhood with an active Facebook group. Like Ramot Remez, it is surrounded by nature rather than nightlife. See above for rental prices.


Denia is located at one of the highest points in the city, to the northwest of the University of Haifa and to the southwest of the Technion. It is one of the more affluent neighbourhoods of Haifa and is typified by single-family homes on large plots of land. It is also home to the University of Haifa and its dorms. Rent in Denia can vary widely, from as low as NIS 3,000 for a one-bedroom up to NIS 5,000–6,000 for a three-bedroom.


Built in the 1920s, Ahuza is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Haifa. It is located farther out, to the northwest of the Technion and the University of Haifa, but it is a short commute (about 20 minutes by bus). In general, Ahuza is a fairly established neighbourhood with plenty of shopping, bars and cafes — and it is home to middle-class families and older citizens. Its quieter side streets offer beautiful views of the Mediterranean. It has ample public transportation, and rent ranges from NIS 4,000–5,000 for a three-bedroom apartment to NIS 6,000 for a four-bedroom apartment.

The Lower City

Located at the literal bottom of Haifa, below the neighbourhoods perched on the mountains, and adjacent to the still-working Haifa Port, the Lower City was neglected for many years. However, it has been reinvigorated over the last decade and has become home to artist colonies, eclectic second-hand stores, co-operative coffee houses, restaurants and more. Because it is cheap relative to neighbourhoods on the top of the mountain, the lower city has become popular with students and the younger generation of Haifa’s residents. However, the Lower City is isolated from the higher areas of the city, including the Technion and University of Haifa campuses, and transportation is not optimal. In addition, there are still areas of the Lower City that empty out at night and can feel less safe. Rent ranges from about NIS 2,500 to NIS 3,000 for a one-bedroom apartment and from NIS 4,000 to NIS 5,000 for a three-bedroom apartment.

University of Haifa

The University of Haifa has four dormitory complexes: Federman, Talia, Shikma and Britannia. The Shikma dormitory is located off campus, on Shikma Street, and is about a 20-minute bus ride from the university. Shikma apartments are one-bedroom apartments for couples. All other dormitories are located on campus.

The Britannia campus offers five-bedroom shared apartments with private rooms and shared kitchens and living space. The Federman dormitory offers shared two-bedroom apartments with either shared or single rooms. The Talia dormitory offers two- to five-bedroom shared apartments with private rooms. 

Prices range from about NIS 1,200 for a shared room in Federman to about NIS 1,400 for a private room in Federman or Talia.

For more information contact Ms. Dana Kramer at

The Technion

The Technion provides housing for singles, couples and families. All the dormitories (except the medical school dormitories) are located on the main Technion campus. Each apartment has a shared kitchenette and bathroom. 

Rent for rooms begins at NIS 1,131. 

For more information regarding on-campus housing, contact Ms. Nofar Gatnio at

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