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If your fellowship is longer than a year, it is best to look for off-campus housing. The options on and Facebook Marketplace may help you find private off-campus housing. Likewise, there are several local Facebook groups that can be helpful for finding an apartment, such as:

General Rehovot Pages

Rental Apartments in Rehovot and the Rehovot Area

For those working at the Weizmann Institute of Science, the team at the International Office is a great resource. Additionally, postdocs at Weizmann can use either the Weizmann Net message board or the International Office Off-Campus Apartments Spreadsheet as a resource for finding an apartment.

Using a realtor may be helpful if you are having trouble contacting Hebrew-speaking landlords. In Israel, both renters and landlords may be expected to pay commission fees. The standard commission is one month’s rent plus VAT for rental contracts of a year or more. For shorter rental contracts, it is usually 10 per cent of the total cost of the rental, and 17 per cent tax. 

Below is a list of English-speaking realtors in the Rehovot area:

Rehovot is a small city of about 160,000 residents about 20 kilometres south of Tel Aviv. As the home to Weizmann, as well as the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture and various high-tech and biotech companies, it has become known as the city of science. 

Generally speaking, it is a middle- to upper-class city, made up of quiet residential neighbourhoods, typified by four- to six-floor apartment buildings (with the exception of some newer housing developments that tend to be closer to 15–20 floors), as well as some single-family homes on the outskirts of the city. 

Weizmann and the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture are across the road from each other, and students generally tend to stick close to the campuses along the northern end of Herzl Boulevard, the city’s main street, as well as along Sderot Chen, Derech Yavne, and Hanasi Harishon Streets. As the main street, Herzl is home to restaurants, bars and other amenities. In addition, it is the main artery for both inter- and intra-city transportation. 

That being said, below is a list of a few of the more popular, but farther out neighbourhoods in Rehovot.

Neve Alon

Located to the southeast of the Weizmann campus, Neve Alon is about a 20-minute walk to campus. It is also a few blocks northwest of the Rehovot Mall.

Neve Yehuda

Neve Yehuda is about a 12-minute walk to the southwest of the Weizmann campus. 

Shchunat Hamada

Shchunat Hamada is about a 20-minute walk east of Weizmann. It is also adjacent to the Weizmann House museum and a few blocks from the Osi and Zohar Sports Center.

Rent in these areas of the city range from NIS 3,400 for a one-bedroom apartment to NIS 5,000 for a three-bedroom apartment. 

For more information regarding renting an apartment in Israel, see our general housing page.

Weizmann Institute of Science

Weizmann offers postdoctoral fellows 12 months of housing in three housing complexes just outside of campus: Kipnis, Eisenberg, and Derech Yavne.

  • Derech Yavne: Derech Yavne is a complex of three buildings located just off the main campus. It offers shared apartments, apartments for couples and studios for singles. It does not offer apartments meant for families with children. Rental costs (not including water and electricity) are between NIS 1,600 and NIS 3,020 for a single apartment, and NIS 3,020 and NIS 3,100 for a couples’ apartment. For more information, contact Mr. Vishnu Mohan:
  • Eisenberg Complex: The Eisenberg complex, located just outside of campus, offers apartments for families. These are two-bedroom, fully furnished apartments. Rental costs are between NIS 3,100 and NIS 3,750. For more information, contact Mr. Vishnu Mohan:
  • Kipnis Complex: The Kipnis Complex offers apartments for singles, couples and families. It is located just outside campus and across the street from the visiting scientist housing complex. There is also a small community garden in the courtyard between the buildings that is available for residents to use to grow vegetables or flowers if they so desire. Rates are in keeping with the rates for single, couple and family apartments listed above. For more information, contact Mr. Ying Lu:

To arrange housing, contact Dana Dvash, the main housing coordinator, as soon as possible, as supply is limited:

The Hebrew University International School of Agricultural Sciences

The Hebrew University offers international students and researchers on-campus housing in the student dormitories. There are three options for living in the dormitories:

  • Double room in a dormitory-style building with AC and shared restrooms, showers and kitchens
  • Single room in a dormitory-style building with AC and shared restrooms, showers and kitchens
  • Single room in a shared apartment with AC and a shared kitchen, shower and restroom
  • Two-room apartments for researchers and international guests

Rental prices range from about NIS 850 to about NIS 1,400 per month, depending on the type of room. 

For more information, contact Mr. David Biton: 08-947-3177.

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City in Israel
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