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Apr 30
Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Research Center in Digital Humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Research Center in Digital Humanities at the Hebrew University DH@HU seeks an excellent candidate for a post-doctoral fellowship in digital humanities. DH@HU is a leading interdisciplinary research institute focused on the development and application of digital and computational approaches to the study of humanistic objects.

Dec 26
Manfred Lahnstein Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Haifa in 20th-Century German Studies

The Bucerius Institute at the University of Haifa is a vibrant research hub that attracts promising junior and senior scholars not only from Israel and Germany, but also from across Europe and North America. The institute was founded 20 years ago by a joint initiative of the German ZEIT-Stiftung and the University of Haifa. Since […]

Feb 14
Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship

Attention, researchers from Germany! The Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship supports you – postdoctoral and experienced researchers– with your research abroad. The fellowship granted by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation with funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research enables researchers with above-average qualifications from Germany at all career levels and in all disciplines to conduct research with […]

Feb 14
Minerva Fellowship

The Minerva Fellowship Programme (funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research) enables Israeli and German scientists to complete a research residency at institutions in the respective other country. Minerva Fellowships are not only intended to promote research but also to strengthen the cultural and scientific exchange between Germany and Israel. Younger scientists (graduates […]

Sep 28
The Paulo Pinheiro de Andrade Fellowship

The Paulo Pinheiro de Andrade Fellowship was established by Marcos Pinheiro de Andrade and Vanessa Buchheim of Brazil, a great supporters of Weizmann Institute to support postdocs from Brazil. Candidates may apply for this fellowship in any field of research at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Sep 28
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tel Aviv University

The aim of the fellowship is to advance the fellow and to train them as a researcher, with the benefit of senior faculty members’ supervision, either in or out of academia.

Sep 28
Technion Scholarships for Postdoctorates and Academic Guests

The Technion offers its program of inviting academic visitors and postdoctoral fellows. The program is an important course in the research structure and content on campus. The number of stipends at our disposal is small, so each faculty may submit no more than two new candidates.

Sep 28
The Kaufmann Fellowship

For the last 29 years, Kauffman Fellows has accelerated the development and success of venture capital investors around the world, supporting Fellows in navigating every aspect of innovation investing, from deal flow to public markets. Each year, The Kaufmann Fellowship team recruit, build, and design the incoming cohort with diversity, and now the network is […]

Sep 28
The Polonsky Academy – The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Seven postdoctoral fellowships are awarded every year. The research must be in the fields of humanities or social sciences.

Sep 28
Yad Vashem’s International Institute for Holocaust Research Fellowship

In light of increased international interest in the Shoah, and the desire to encourage and support worldwide scholarly research on the Shoah and related topics, Yad Vashem established the International Institute for Holocaust Research in 1993. The Institute actively develops and coordinates international research; plans and engages in scholarly projects; organizes symposia, conferences, and seminars; […]

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