Hebrew University of Jerusalem
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
My main research goal is to advance the understanding and control of open quantum systems in noisy environments and contribute to the development of quantum computers. I am fascinated with theoretical open questions in the field of quantum optics, including exploring the limits to noise reduction and enhancement, utilizing symmetry-protected states and modal degeneracies, and developing noise-resilient quantum computation protocols.
Selected Awards
Alon Fellowship for outstanding young faculty, Council for Higher Education,Israel
Koshland Dean’s Prize, Chemistry Department, Weizmann Institute, 2019-2021
Aly Kaufman Postdoctoral Fellowship, Chemistry, Technion, 2017-2019
Purcell PhD Fellowship, Physics Department, Harvard University, 2009-2012
Special Distinction, MSc Prize in Honor of Cohen Debora, Tel Aviv, 2008
Excellence Prize for Teaching, Tel Aviv University, 2008
Dean’s list, Mathematics Department, Tel Aviv University, 2006
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