Weizmann Institute of Science
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Research Interests
Our research centers on the theory of complex systems and biophysics, applied to a broad spectrum of problems, primarily in the context of the physics of living systems. Our research is often done in collaboration with experimental groups. Key themes of our lab include mathematical modeling of cell growth and division, both at the single-cell level and the population level, stochastic processes, disordered systems, and coarse-grained modeling of complex processes.
Selected Awards
• 2023 ERC Consolidator award
• 2019 Bjorkman-Strominger-Wiley Prize for Collaboration.
• 2018 NSF CAREER award.
• 2014-2016 Scialog Fellow, “Molecules come to life”.
• 2015 A. P. Sloan Fellow, physics.
• 2011-2014 Harvard Junior Fellow.
• 2011-2012 Rothschild Fellow (Yad Hanadiv Foundation).
• 2010 Recipient of the D. N. Chorafas International Award.
• 2010 Recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship.
• 2010 Recipient of the Bikura Fellowship.
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