Ariel University
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
Asher Yahalom works in a wide range of scientific & technological subjects ranging form the foundations of quantum mechanics to molecular dynamic, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, magnetohydrodynamics, communications, signal processing and gravity.
Selected Awards
1) Talpiot (IDF) Scholarship for Under-Graduate studies (1986-1988).
2) Racah Inst. Scholarship for M.Sc. studies (1989-1991).
3) Schindler Award for the Best M.Sc. Thesis (1991).
4) Racah Inst. Scholarship for Ph.D. studies (1991-1995).

5) Pikovski – Vallechy: Post-Doc scholarship (1998-99).

6) Ministry of Science: Post-Doc scholarship (1998-99).
7) Gravity Research Foundation – 2009 Honorable Mention.
8) Gravity Research Foundation – 2010 Honorable Mention.
9) Gravity Research Foundation – 2011 Honorable Mention.
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