Hebrew University of Jerusalem
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
The research in our lab focuses on using peptides for the quantitative biophysical and structural analysis of protein-protein interactions (PPI) in health and disease. Based on this, we develop lead peptides that modulate PPI for therapeutic purposes. We are looking at PPI in biological systems that are affected in disease, such as cancer-related pathways.
Selected Awards
2007: ERC starting grant from the EU (awarded to ~300 out of 9167 applicants)
2009: Israeli Chemical Society Excellent Young Scientist Prize.
2013 Rector prize for excellent researcher and lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2015 Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund Prize for discovery in medical research, awarded for “increasing our understanding of protein interactions and how this can be applied to improving drug design”
2018 The Michael Milken Prize for Excellence in Teaching
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