Tel Aviv University
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
Molecular dynamics simulations are very powerful, providing microscopic insight into chemical and physical processes. However, two outstanding challenges of the standard algorithms are: 1) Extending simulations to longer timescales, to allow the description of phenomena such as the nucleation and growth of crystals. 2) Including quantum statistics at a reasonable computational cost, to enable studying quantum materials using classical algorithms. We harness the power of machine learning (and other) algorithms for overcoming these limitations.
Selected Awards
2018-2019: Rothschild Fellow, Yad-Hanadiv foundation.
2017: Israel Chemical Society Prize for an Excellent Graduate Student.
2015-2018: Adams Fellow of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
2014: The Lise Meitner-Minerva Center Junior Award for an outstanding paper.
2012: Giora Y. Yashinski award for excellent M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.
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