Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
English, Hebrew, Spanish
Research Interests
My research area is broadly referred to as theoretical foundations of system design. The research questions are derived by the need to increase the reliability of computerized systems (or programs) and the assurance of their correctness. The methods for solving these problems often lean on logic, automata theory, algorithmic game theory and machine learning. My current research is focused on automata learning.
Selected Awards
Research Grants:

United-States Israel Bi-National Science Foundation (BSF)
Grantees: Dana Angluin (PI) and Dana Fisman (PI)

Royal-Society International Exchange Award (RSIEA)
Grantees: Hana Chockler (PI) and Dana Fisman (PI)

Israel Science Foundation (ISF)
Grantees: Dana Fisman (PI)
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