Hebrew University of Jerusalem
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
Studying structural dynamics of different biomolecular systems using single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy, advanced fluorescence microscopy, crosslinking mass-spectrometry, and structural modeling.
Interested in intrinsically disordered proteins (e.g., alpha-Synuclein earliest oligomerization stages) bacterial transcription initiation and other biomolecular systems.
Additionally, developing biomedical methods, tools and technologies
Selected Awards
Racah Nano venture fund – “Highly sensitive single cell detection of low abundance photo-physiological perturbation to assist algal farming”

ISF – Grant No. 556/22 “Structural dynamics and its contribution to the function of the intrinsically-disordered protein alpha-Synuclein”

ISF KillCorona – Grant No. 3565/20 “Flow virometer for rapid detection of intact SARS-CoV-2 viruses”

NIH-R01 – Sub-awardee of NIH R01GM130942-01 “Structural dynamics of RNAP-promoter complex in late transcription initiation”
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