University of Haifa
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
Our research focuses on the genetics of the circadian clock and seasonal timing, particularly natural genetic variation, population genetics and molecular evolution of clock genes. We look for variations that serves as adaptations in different environments. Drosophila is our main model organism, but other models, including human are also used. We also study the molecular basis of photoperiodic timing that represents largely uncharted territory within the field of chronobiology. We also interested in the genetic of diurnal/ nocturnal activity preference, and the role of the gut microbiome.
Selected Awards
2017-2021 ISF “The Genetic Basis of Diurnal/ Nocturnal Preference in Drosophila”
2018-2020 MSCA ITN “CINCHRON: Comparative Insect Chronbiology.
2018-2020 Milgram Foundation “The Human Gut Microbiome and Diurnal Preference: Can Changes in the Microbiota Turn OWLS into LARKS?”
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