Weizmann Institute of Science
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Research Interests
At the Elinav lab, we are a group of international scholars of diverse backgrounds, spanning immunology, microbiology, computational biology, metabolism and cancer research. We explore host-microbiome interactions in animal models and in humans, and the environmental, nutritional, immune and genetic factors that regulates them. We decode how aberrant host-microbiome interactions predispose to human disease and develop novel person-specific interventions targeting the microbiome as means of preventing or treating common multi-factorial disease.
Selected Awards
American Academy of Microbiology (2022-present)
Bill & Malinda Gates Fellow (2021-present)
ERC (2019)
Landau prize (2018)
HHMI international scholar (2017-present)
Levinson award (2016)
Lindner prize (2016)
Canadian Institute of Advanced Research (CIFAR) Senior Fellow (2015-present)
Rappaport prize (2015)
ERC (2014)
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