Weizmann Institute of Science
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Research Interests
We are an interdisciplinary group of scientists interested in understanding embryonic stem cell biology, modeling early embryo development and advance stem-cell-based human disease platforms. Specifically, we investigate the process of cellular reprogramming, in which induced pluripotent stem cells are generated from somatic cells, and we investigate how different states of pluripotency are maintained throughout development in mice, rabbit, monkeys (non-human primates) and humans. In parallel, we study how different in vitro grown stem cell populations (embryonic and extra-embryonic) can self-
Selected Awards
2023 Hanna lab 2022 paper on Ex Utero Stem Cell-Derived (synthetic) Embryo Models listed among top scientific breakthroughs of 2022 by the Atlantic Magazine
2021 Selected as top thinker for the year 2021 by Prospect magazine (UK)
2021 Research in Hanna lab was covered in Nature Outlook
2018 Elected as an EMBO member
2014 Selected among “40 under 40” most innovative young scientists by Cell journal
2014 The Kimmel Prize for outstanding scientist, Weizmann Institute of Science
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