Ariel University
English, Hebrew, Russian
Research Interests
Development of functional ceramic surfaces on metallic substrates: biomedical and radiation absorbance applications – synthesis of ceramic surfaces on metallic substrates using plasma electrolytic oxidation that is carried out in molten salt electrolytes.
Microstructure engineering of customized electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) – microstructure decoration of the produced SOFCs’ components using inexpensive and versatile 3D printing direct ink writing.
Tailoring of metals’ mechanical properties by nanomaterials with tiny contents (up to 0.1 wt.%).
Selected Awards
Outstanding teaching award, Ariel University (4 times)
TechConnect Innovation Awardee, TechConnect World Innovation Summit, Washington D.C
Student grant award, International Conference in Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (Thermec’ 2011)
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