Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
English, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian
Research Interests
My laboratory focuses on development and application of electron crystallography methods in metallurgy (e.g. high entropy alloys, intermetallics, steels and light weight alloys). In the framework of this research, we solve crystal structures of novel intermetallics and study structural defects using Transmission Electron Microscopy (in particular, combining imaging (conventional, HR, HAADF) with electron diffraction (convergent, parallel beam, electron diffraction tomography)). We develop novel alloys for industrial applications and try to understand limiting factors in their performance.
Selected Awards
2017,2008, 2005 Certificate of International Centre for Diffraction Data. Certificate awarded for contribution of crystallographic data to Powder Diffraction File.
2016 Excellence in teaching award, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
2012 Krill prize for excellence in scientific research (provided by Wolf foundation).
2003 Wolf prize for excellence in doctoral research.
2001 Lev Margulis prize for excellent study in the field of electron microscopy. Prize is awarded by Israel Society for Microscopy.
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