Tel Aviv University
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Research Interests
Our lab is interested in the processes that create genomic instability, thus fueling the development of cancer. We use yeast cells to investigate the basic processes that take place during DNA replication. Among several projects, we analyze the mechanisms that create mutations, those that hold the two sister chromatids together, the biology of telomeres, and more. We are also interested in central protein kinases, such as Tor and AMPK (Snf1)
Selected Awards
1988: The Alon Fellowship Prize.
2007: The Tel Aviv University Prize for Research Excellence.
2008-present: Incumbent of the Pasha Gol Chair for Applied Microbiology.
2011-present: Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology.
2011-2017: Director, The Joan and Haim Constantiner Center for Molecular Genetics.
2013-2020: President, Genetic Society of Israel.
2015-2020: Editor-in-Chief, Current Genetics
2016-17: Voted best teacher in Life Sciences
2017: The National Landau Prize for Genetics.
2021-22: TAU’s Rector List of best teachers.
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