Tel Aviv University
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
The importance of discovery in science cannot be overstated, as it has the potential to impact current knowledge and shape future technologies. My approach to science highlights the significance of hands-on experimentation and the need to challenge existing beliefs to pursue truth. Our lab utilizes two wave facilities to study nonlinear wave evolution, wave breaking, wind-wave interactions, turbulence over waves, etc. In our group, we developed new spatiotemporal theories validated by the experiments. We are also interested in developing theories in the field of shock wave reflections.
Selected Awards
BGU Rector Award for outstanding academic achievement (2009, 2012)
BGU Dean of Engineering Award for outstanding academic achievement (2010,2011,2014)
Besor scholarship for the “direct PhD track” for outstanding achievements (2011)
The Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space Award (2013)
Katzir Ministry of Defense fellowship (2017)
PostDoct Scholarship, Tel-Aviv University (2020-2022)
PostDoct Scholarship, Ben-Gurion University (2020-2022)
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