Bar-Ilan University
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Research Interests
Our research focus is protein-protein interactions, in various physiological and pathological processes. We develop peptides that intervene with these interactions in order to learn about the interaction and also to develop peptidic pharmacological tools. We also aim to develop drugs based on our peptide design and development. Currently, our main studies are on mitochondrial proteins that are altered during cardiovascular disease.
Selected Awards
Canada-Israel Research Program. Therapeutic peptides for Chagas disease: a new approach to cardiovascular diseases
Israel Science Foundation. Engineering selective Parkin/Mfn2 and Pink1/Mfn2 modulators in order to elucidate the interplay between mitochondrial quality control mechanisms and cardiac health
State of Israel, Ministry of Health. Targeting Mitochondrial Dysfunction in the Treatment of Cardiovascular diseases.
United States – Israel Binational Science Foundation. Novel peptide antagonists of HSP90/CDC37 protein-protein interaction for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma.
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