Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Bengali, English, Hindi
Research Interests
My lab employs state-of-the-art experimental and analytical techniques to decipher the neural mechanisms of navigational decision-making. We simultaneously record the activities of hundreds of neurons and apply a range of high-dimensional data analysis techniques to visualize and decode the information communicated by the recorded ensembles to derive a causal link between neural activity and the animal’s behavior.
Selected Awards
Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers (2019-2021)
Postdoc Science Discovery awarded by the Friends of Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, 2021
FENS-IBRO/PERC Travel Grant for FENS Forum 2022
ERC Starting grant 2023
Abisch Frenkel Foundation grant for the Promotion of Life Sciences
All rights reserved Postdoc Israel 2024
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