University of Haifa
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
My research is directed to marine remote sensing for sustainability and focuses on underwater acoustics and marine observatories. I develop technologies for underwater communication, navigation, object detection, and noise measurements. Example applications are studying the effects of noise pollution, decoding the language of sperm whales, and finding submerged mines. In my free time, I’m a Karate Instructor and loves to scuba dive, hike and ski with my family.
Selected Awards
2007 Intel Research Excellent Reward, Intel
2009 First place, National Excellent Worker Competition, Israel Presidential Institute
2011 Mobility Award, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of British Columbia
Principal Investigator (Last, First, Middle):
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2012 The Lee Foundation Award, National University of Singapore
2016 Best paper award, WUWNET 2016
2016 Best paper award, WPNC 2016
2017 Best paper award, WPNC 2017
2018 IEEE Senior member
2019. Reviewer of the Year, IEEE Ocean Engineering
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