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Research Interests
My laboratory focuses on understanding the biochemical and molecular basis of protein degradation during muscle atrophy in aging or disease (e.g. diabetes, cancer). We are specifically interested in the roles of certain key factors that trigger proteolysis in this process because their inhibition could be of major therapeutic promise. My laboratory masters two areas in biology, the biochemistry of the ubiquitin-proteasome system and muscle biology/physiology. Through the development of new methodologies, we initiated distinct lines of investigation to clarify gene effects in atrophying muscles
Selected Awards
Technion-wide Best Teacher Award with Distinction (2024), Levengrat award for muscle atrophy research (2023), Hitman award for muscle atrophy research (2023), HORIZON-HLTH-2022, DREAMS consortium (2023), Duchenne UK (2021), Israel Ministry of Health (2020), Cooper Award for Excellence in Research (2020), Norman and Helen Asher (2020), ICA award for outstanding researcher (2020), ISF (2019, 2015), Dr. Bernard and Bobbie Lublin Cancer Research award (2015), MOST (2015), Robin award for biomedical research (2014), Niedersachsen (2014), Postdoctoral fellowship from Harvard University (2006)
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