Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
English, French, Hebrew
Research Interests
My research interests range from quantum field theory to quantum gravity, holography and the AdS/CFT correspondence. More specifically, I study the relation between information processing in quantum mechanical systems and the way black holes process information of objects which fall inside. I am also currently interested in the study of interfaces and defects in conformal field theories.

I have recently won an ERC starting grant with a project proposing to use the tools of holography and quantum information to study quantum gravity in the expanding universe.
Selected Awards
ERC starting Grant “de Sitter Space Holography and Quantum Information” (dSHologQI)
Alon Fellowship for the Integration of Outstanding Faculty given by the Israeli Council of Higher Education (VATAT).
Carole and Marcus Weinstein Presidential Recruit Donation.
Israel Science Foundation personal grant for proposal “Complexity: From Quantum Information to Black Holes and Back”.
Co-Investigator in German-Israeli Research Collaboration Grant (DIP) “Holography and the Swampland”, supported by the DFG.
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