Tel Aviv University
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
We study physics of soft active materials with specific emphasize on their unique physical properties that differ from passive materials out-of-equilibrium. Specifically we are currently interested in:

1) Thermodynamic of active field theories towards development of active engines

2) Elastic, hydrodynamic, and transport properties of chiral active materials with specific emphasize on odd viscosity and odd elasticity.

3) Physics of active gels, including hydrodynamics of active polar liquid crystal.
Selected Awards
Israel Science Foundations (2022)
Center for Theoretical and Biological Physics, Rice University, Postdoctoral Fellowship (2018)
Blavatnik Postdoctoral Fellowships Program for Israeli Scientists (2016)
Dothan scholarship for academic achievements (2016)
Getti scholarship for excellence in research (2014)
Haya Rozet scholarship for academic excellence (2013)
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