Tel Aviv University
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
Our lab focuses on a unique, understudied trait of cancer. Changes in the chromosomal composition of the cell, also known as aneuploidy, make for a fundamental difference between normal and cancer cells. We combine experimental and computational approaches to uncover the basic biology underlying this hallmark of cancer, track its origins and understand its cellular consequences. By doing so, we strive to expand our understanding of the genetic basis of cancer, and to make aneuploidy a therapeutic target for precision cancer medicine.
Selected Awards
ERC Starting Grant
EMBO Young Investigator
Cells Young Investigator Award
AACR Next Generation Star Award
Kadar Award for Outstanding Research
Krill Prize by the Wolf Foundation
Azrieli Faculty Fellow
ICRF Gesher Award
Multiple competitive research grants (ISF, BSF, DOD, ICRF and more)
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