Ariel University
English, French, Hebrew, Russian
Research Interests
My research interests consist of polarization effects in nano-optics, spin-orbit interaction and angular momentum of propagating light and of surface waves. I did a research on geometric Berry phases in optics, investigated optical effects induced by an interaction of light with space-variant subwavelength gratings and explored surface-plasmon polariton (SPP) based spin-orbit interaction on spatially inhomogeneous surface corrugations. The effects, such as the plasmonic angular Doppler effect, Aharonov-Bohm effect and the optical spin-Hall effect were experimentally and theoretically studied.
Selected Awards
The award for excellence in teaching (AU)
Levi Eshkol excellence scholarship
Russell Berrie scholarship for nano science research
Applied Materials prize for excellence in graduate studies
Aharon & Ovadia Barazani fund prize for the best M.Sc. thesis
Creativity contest in science and technology winning
Faculty prize for the best graduate project
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