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Dec 23
Test Post Layout 2

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Dec 21
Postdoctoral Visas in Israel: An Overview

Visa types and university visa coordinator contact information

Dec 21
Housing in Israel

A general synopsis for finding an apartment in Israel

Dec 20
Housing in the Tel Aviv Area

A guide to renting an apartment and neighbourhoods in the Tel Aviv area

Dec 20
Housing in Jerusalem

A guide to renting an apartment and neighbourhoods in Jerusalem

Dec 20
Health Insurance for Postdocs in Israel

Selecting an insurance provider

Dec 20
Banking in Israel

How to select a bank location and open a bank account in Israel

Dec 19
From Postdoc to Professor: Why Benjamin Palmer Chose Israel

Benjamin Palmer’s academic journey is a perfect example of how international postdocs can have successful STEM careers in Israel.

Dec 06
Why Choose Israel for an International Postdoc?

Why Israel is one of the best places for researchers to work

Dec 06
A Research and Entrepreneurial Powerhouse

Israel has tapped into its greatest resource: brainpower

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