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May 29
Cutting-Edge Labs: Israel’s Interdisciplinary Research Hub

Oded Rechavi and Ben Maoz, along with their respective postdocs Maximilian Knott and Mégane Beldjilali Labro, express how Israel's unique research environment encourages interdisciplinary projects that solve challenges that could not be solved otherwise.

Mar 17
The Israeli Lab Experience: A New Perspective

Kirti Sankhala, a chemical engineering postdoc from India, and Graham de Ruiter, a chemistry professor from the Netherlands, delve into the advantages of working in Israeli research labs and their novel approaches to science.

Dec 21
The PI-Postdoc Partnership in Israel

Nathalie Béchon, Ilaria Marrocco, and Juan Pablo Unfried, international postdocs in the life sciences, describe their journey to research in Israel and the rewarding results of working with their supervisors.

Dec 19
From Postdoc to Professor: Why Benjamin Palmer Chose Israel

Benjamin Palmer’s academic journey is a perfect example of how international postdocs can have successful STEM careers in Israel.

Dec 05
Words of Wisdom from an Award-Winning Researcher

Graham de Ruiter explains why he wanted to work in Israel and the promise and potential the country holds for international researchers.

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