Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Research Interests
Our laboratory conducts neuro-Vascular research focused on the molecular and cellular aberrations of the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) in central nervous system (CNS) pathologies. We also study the differentiation processes of BBB endothelial cells during embryonic development. The function of a blood vessel in the brain is very different than that of peripheral blood vessels. To maintain the brain environment, capillaries must first isolate the brain from the blood, and then, very tightly control, the influx/efflux of materials through the capillary wall. Indeed, the homeostasis is maintained by
Selected Awards
2023 – ERC consolidator grant
2019 The Chor Award for cardio-vascular research by the Louis Chor Memorial Fund
2019 The Prusiner-Abramsky Research Award in Clinical and Basic Neuroscience
2015 The Werner-Risau-Prize- awarded by the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ)
2015 The Yegal Alon national award – awarded by the national Planning & Budgeting Committee, Israel.
2014 The Golda Meir Fellowship
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