Ariel University
English, Hebrew
Research Interests
A unique quality of both the immune and the nerves system is the ability to memorize. This ability is accomplished by intimate cell to cell interactions termed synapses or immune synapses. We believe that such close cellular communication is also present between the different cells of the immune and the nerves system. Moreover, our understanding that such neuronal-immune dialogue is crucial to maintain brain homeostasis and prevent pathophysiology as in aging and metabolic related disease.
Selected Awards
2019-2023 R01 grant NS108472/NS/NINDS (Co-IP)
2013-2017 American Heart Association Scientist Development Grant ($300,000)
2010-2013 American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship
Oct. 2013 Young Investigator Award, 39th Annual La Jolla Immunology Conference
2007-2008 Lady Davis Trust Fellowship
2005-2006 National Institute of Psychobiology Postdoctoral Fellowship in Memory of Leah Smith
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